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At Euro Lifts Limited, we pride ourselves on being experts in lift repair, installation and maintenance. Our products are of the highest quality and we strive to keep up with technological advancements to be the best in the business.

When it comes to lift maintenance packages, we offer two options. The Level 1 package involves a comprehensive assessment of your lift to ensure it’s fully functional and safe to use. However, for a more thorough lift inspection, you can opt for the Level 2 package which includes a range of extra lift services. As a lift repair company, we’ll gladly assist you with this decision.

There really is no substitute for lift maintenance. In fact, owning a lift comes with a legal obligation to have it serviced regularly by a professional to ensure it’s safe to use. Lift maintenance companies will also check that your elevator is functioning at optimum efficiency, helping to add years to your product’s lifespan.

Providing a Comprehensive Lift Service on Which You Can Rely

We aim to retain our reputation as being one of the most dependable life maintenance companies in the South West, which is why we operate an emergency 24-hour callout service, ensuring help is never far away when you’re faced with a potentially disastrous situation. Plus, it’s not just our availability that makes our company the envy of the industry.

Thanks to our industry expertise and having over 30 years of experience, we can source OEM parts from just about any European manufacturer. If required, we’ll source parts from even further afield to get your lift back up and running. Our comprehensive library of specifications, lift information and drawings means no lift repair or maintenance task is beyond our capabilities. As you can see, we really are the leading specialists in our field.

We always prioritise your best interests, and our procurement record is simply unrivalled. Even if you require parts that are no longer in production, we’ll track them down or reproduce them ourselves. The next time you need highly recommended lift repair companies, call Euro Lifts Limited on 0800 999 1199.

Euro Lifts Preventative Maintenance Contract Level 1 includes regular visits at prearranged intervals, called up on our automated servicing systems, and carried out by our fully trained and experienced engineers on their servicing runs.

The frequency of these visits is determined by the amount of use and type of equipment and environment the equipment is used in. Often the manufacturing or regulating authorities will predetermine a minimum requirement.

These are the lift maintenance checks that will be carried out by our fully-trained, experienced specialist engineers:

  • Check condition of the wire ropes / chains throughout their length
  • Check rope / chain anchorages, sprockets, guards and fixings
  • Check external gearing, shafts drive belts and bearings
  • Check gearboxes through inspection covers, if fitted
  • Check oil levels in gearboxes and bearings
  • Top up if required
  • Screw down lubricators, refill, apply gun to grease nipples
  • Inspect brake drums and linings for contamination, wear and adjustment
  • Check brakes and safety gear for correct mech / safe operation
  • Check hooks, swivels and end fittings for wear and free movement
  • Inspect wheels, rollers, guides, rails and bearings
  • Lubricate
  • Ensure safety guards and safety gear are correctly positioned and working
  • Clean and adjust contacts, linkage arms and operators
  • Check supply cables, conductors and warning lights if fitted
  • Check operation of the main safety / emergency systems
  • Check the alarms, auto diallers, speech synthesizers, position indicators and ancillary equipment.
  • Check the microprocessor log for fault history and settings
  • Check contactors, relays, resistors, diodes, rectifiers, terminal strips and connections
  • Check operation of emergency lights in the motor room/lift car etc

In addition to all this, Euro Lifts Limited will carry out a site safety check during our first visit, and at least bi-annually thereafter. This takes into consideration accessibility, safety features, compliance with current legislation, up to date statutory inspections, testing, certificates and reports.

Everything from the Level 1 contract is included in Comprehensive Contract Level 2, plus further add-on services.

Please refer back to the Level 1 tab for these services. Also covered in this contract are:

  • All repair and breakdown visits carried out during normal working hours (Monday – Friday) due to normal wear and tear.*
  • All repair and breakdown visits carried out 24 hours a day 365 days a year due to normal wear and tear.*

*Not included is accidental damage (which should be covered by your insurance) – other exclusions as per our Terms and Conditions and Statutory Inspections.

We recommend the following lift maintenance checks to be carried out by Euro Lifts Limited engineers every 12 months, on top of the above preventative maintenance item.

  • Check gate locks / brakes and safety gear operation
  • Check alignment of tracks / guides and security of their fixings
  • Check structure, bolts and anchorage points
  • Lubricate motor bearings, if required
  • Remove covers on gearboxes, motors and bearing and thoroughly inspect teeth on spur wheels, gears and worm wheels
  • Inspect commutators, slip rings and brush gear
  • Check installation for earth continuity and insulation.


It is possible to include the statutory inspections and certificates in the preventative maintenance plan – the extra costs involved, if carried out during the service visit, is minimal.


Typical Statutory Requirements

  • Manual Lifts: Every 12 Months
  • Powered Lifts: Every 6 Months


LG’s (now ST1, 5’s and 10’s) should be carried out every one, five or ten years – for your convenience we will advise you in advance when these items are due. These are known as thorough examinations and supplementary tests.

These frequencies are based upon the factories acts and recommendations by the Health and Safety Executive, and Euro Lifts Limited would be very pleased to offer this along with our numerous other services and products. We want to be your one-stop shop for everything lift-related!

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