stair lift

Stair Lift: Should I get one?

If you’re asking this question, it’s more than likely that the previous mantra of “always take the stairs” is slowly fading into the past. For thousands of people, for different reasons, throughout their lives may face difficulty when it comes to combating the stairs within their home. Which is where a stair lift comes in. It…

Lift capacity Calculation

Lift Capacity Calculation: How it is worked out

The reality is, it’s more than likely you’re just someone looking to have a lift installed or simply found yourself wondering ‘how is lift capacity calculation decided’ as you travelled upwards towards your office in a lift one morning.  Unless you design and manufacture lifts, it’s not common knowledge as to how we decided how…

Lift Engineer

What is a lift engineer?

 A lift engineer also, known as a lift technician, is the person responsible for the safety of lifting you up.  Their work focuses on completing repairs and services to lifts and hydraulic lift equipment. Ensuring that passenger and goods lifts, scissor lifts, stairlifts, and escalators are functioning both efficiently and safely.  Lift companies tend to…


Lift Maintenance: How much does it cost?

Lifts are always designed to a very high standard and manufactured to operate for many years more than most expect. Most lifts are designed to be in service for a life span of 30 years or more however they will require regular lift maintenance.  However, most lift owners see maintenance costs of a lift as…


Travelators & Escalators: What’s the difference?

Travelators and escalators are a standard part of large commercial premises. You often find them in pairs, moving in opposite directions and it’s highly likely that you have used them to help you move around large buildings – between levels or horizontally along distances which can be long when carrying luggage or pushing a trolley. …

mobile hoist in hospital

What Is A Mobile Hoist Used For?

A mobile hoist is used when people have mobility restrictions and are not able to move independently. Perhaps your carer is unable to lift you into a chair. This can be a difficult and tricky situation for some. Thanks to the mobility hoist, these problems are solved by aiding in the movement of the patient…

hydraulic passenger lift

How Does A Hydraulic Passenger Lift Work?

Hydraulic lifts work on the principle: to rise up, a pump pushes oil into the cylinder, pushing the piston up (which pushes up the lift car). To go down, the valve opens and oil is allowed back into the reservoir, pushing it back using the gravitational force of the hydraulic passenger lift car.  When the…