through floor lift

What is a through-floor lift?

What are through-floor lifts? A through-floor lift is a great alternative to the stairlift in the home. As a home lift, the through floor moves between floors in the domestic setting. They do not require a shaft like regular lifts do, making them perfect for those who need a lift in their own home.  How is…


What are scissor lifts?

What is a scissor lift? A Scissor lift gets its name from the mechanism that operates the lift. A criss-cross section moves the lift vertically, these are greatly useful lifts for working on exterior projects such as building maintenance and renovation. By being on wheels, the scissor lift is also easy to move around from…

Dalby lift

What is a platform lift?

What is a platform lift? A platform lift, also commonly known as a wheelchair lift, is a passenger lift with added weight capabilities. There are several different types of platform lifts to choose from and each has different properties and benefits.  Platform lifts are far slower than the regular passenger lift, so are used in…

stair lift in house

The Process of Installing a Stairlift

The Process of Installing a Stairlift For some of us, mobility is difficult. Climbing upstairs is not always as straightforward as it seems and it can easily happen that you may not be able to move up the levels of your home anymore. Luckily, stairlifts have been made to make mobility straightforward for everyone. E…

disabled man on wheelchair lift

Safety Tips For Wheelchair Lifts 

Safety Tips For Wheelchair Lifts  When installing a wheelchair lift you’ll need to ensure that it is wheelchair ready and safe. It’s very important to wherever you are installing the lift, that it is accessible for all and is completely safe.  These are a few of our tips to ensure that your lift is the…

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The 5 Steps To A Perfect Lift Installation 

The 5 Steps To A Perfect Lift Installation If you are finding that moving between floors by taking the stairs in your building is becoming too difficult, it may be time for a lift installation. Installing a lift can be relatively straight forward despite it seeming technical to an outsider.  If you want to know…


The World’s Tallest Lift

The World’s Tallest Elevator Lifts are used on a daily basis for a lot of people. From passenger lifts and platform lifts to good lifts, we forget the creation behind them. It took great development and innovation from numerous people to get lifts to where they are today. Lifts started out being used for the…


The History of The Passenger Lift

The History of The Passenger Lift Passenger lift and goods lifts are vertical modes of transportation that move people or goods between storeys. The first lift on record was reportedly built by Roman architect Vitruvius all the way back in 236 BC. At this time, lifts were made from hemp rope and powered by animals…


Signs It’s Time For A Lift Repair

Signs It’s Time For A Lift Repair Regular lift maintenance and servicing are essential to ensure the lift is in top working condition. However, you should look out for a few things that may suggest a repair or service is required. No matter how small the problem may seem, it has the potential of putting…